Finding a company or local contractor with experience and that understands the unique challenges in restoring a log home is not easy. So why call us?

Reason 1:  Log, wood and heavy timber home restoration is all we do.

With more than 200 log and heavy timber home projects to our credit, you can be sure we have the special skills and expertise needed to restore your home to "like new" condition.  If your home has:

•    Chinking or caulk that needs to be repaired or replaced
•    Rotting logs
•    Damage from carpenter borer bees and other insects (inside the
•    Cracked logs
•    Discoloration or peeling of wood finish
•    Water or air leaks
•    Fire or storm damage
•    Or more serious structural issues

Our comprehensive and lasting high-quality restoration solutions are just what you need.

Reason 2: Log home restoration must be done by a log and heavy timber home expert.

Our clients expect high quality work when the job is completed.  The work we do requires very specific repair skills and special-purpose tools general contractors just do NOT have.

Without this expertise, tools and capability, their projects and their customers may be headed for a costly failure. We have made the investment in special log home repair tools and craftsmanship skills, so we can offer a great guarantee.

Reason 3: Bringing your log home to back-to-new conditions demands much more than a cosmetic fix like new stain and superficial repair.

It means the proper identification of symptoms, understanding the root causes of problems, and effectively eliminating the log home aging process.

The majority of issues that arise when the quality of staining, chinking and caulking is not what is expected are due, not to product defects, but to not prepping the wood surface correctly.  Having the knowledge of how different woods accept different stains and caulks.

Peter Rosi, Owner

Log Home Repair Specialists provide comprehensive and lasting high-quality restoration solutions and results.

   Why Call Us?

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Bringing your log home to back-to-new condition involves more than just staining and superficial repairs.

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