Because the exterior of a home is exposed to the elements including rain, sun, ice, and insects, there typically is more maintenance associated with the outside of your log home than the inside.

This doesn’t mean you can ignore the interior of your log home.  Over time, finishes fade, water damage may occur, and drafts from windows and doors develop, which means the interior of your home might need freshening up as well! 

Refinishing and remodeling your log home can brighten the interior and make it feel like new, while adding value to your home.  

Cob blasting, sanding, staining and clear coating all add to the look of a new room.

The first steps in refinishing a log home's interior.

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  • Cob blasting
  • Sanding
  • Staining
  • Caulking
  • Clear coating
  • Replacing windows and doors

Let Log Home Restoration Specialists Help!
Log Home Restoration Specialists can walk you through the process, explain your options and tailor the project to your budget. 

As a specialist in the refinishing and restoring of log homes, LHRS has the experience and expertise to restore your home to its original beauty and charm.

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   Interior Refinishing and Remodeling

Peter Rosi, Owner

Interior Maintenance Needed for All Log Homes

log home interior

Getting Started
Redoing the interior of your log home entails a number of decisions.  Do you want to refinish every room, or just remodel certain areas?  Do you need to replace doors and windows?  Does the flooring need replaced or refinished?

Interior Refinishing
Refinishing and restoring your home’s interior logs including ceilings, walls, and floors, is a big job.  It normally entails finding another place to live while the work is being done.  Interior maintenance includes:

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