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Our comprehensive maintenance plans avoid extensive repairs and maintain the value of your log home.

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Log Home Maintenance


  Why A Log Home Maintenance Plan

  You get your log home checked out on a regular basis for the same
  reasons you get your car’s oil changed or have a dental check up, you
  want to catch problems early and avoid big bills later.

  Keeping your home looking new, maintaining its value, and preserving it
  for future generations are just a few more reasons to establish a regular
  Maintenance Plan.  

  Lack the Time?
  For those who don’t have the time or are unable to do the work required 
  to keep a log or heavy timber home looking and functioning like new, we
  would encourage you to have Log Home Restoration Specialists set up a
​  scheduled maintenance program for you.

  Give us a call at 765-838-8092 or email us at Contact Us.

Nothing impacts the value of your log home more than a well maintained exterior or interior surface.  Taking care of your log home on a regular basis will maintain its value and preserve it for years to come.

“We offer full service, flexible log home maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget.”

Comprehensive Log Home Maintenance Plans
Many of our clients take advantage of our comprehensive log home maintenance plans to ensure their homes do not need extensive repairs ever again.  Our plans allow us to catch small problems before they become large, expensive repairs.

We offer a full service maintenance system that consists of …
•    Annual scheduled visits
•    Assess condition of logs
•    Clean exterior of home, windows, and gutters
•    Apply scheduled maintenance clear coat
•    Check chink, caulk, and replace where necessary
•    Recommend future repairs

Bi Annual Maintenance Coat of Stain

Every other year we also apply a maintenance coat of clear stain in order to preserve the stain itself, and keep it from peeling and chipping. This keeps the stain from fading so the color of your home will never change and continue to look brand new.

Customized To Your Home
Because each log home is unique based on its construction, the local weather it is exposed to and its location, we customize the maintenance plan to address your home's individual situation.  
This ensures we address all the factors that lead to the deterioration of your home and allow us to preserve it for years to come.

The Log Home Restoration Specialists Maintenance Plan is only available to Log Home Restoration Specialists customers.

Years ago, one of our very first customers said:
"I want you to build my new log home; please promise you'll be there to keep it looking like new for years and years."

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