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Log Home Repair Specialists provide on site evaluations and fixed cost quotes.

  Why A Fixed Price
  If you do not get a fixed price quote for your log home
  restoration, you know two things:

  1. You really do not have a price. If a contractor cannot give you a firm "not-to-exceed" quote, then you do not know how much you will be charged.

  2. The company that estimated your project is probably not sure what to do, how to do it, or how much it will cost.

  Log Home Restoration Specialists’ fixed price guarantee is your assurance that we have thoroughly inspected your log home, completely assessed its restoration needs and that we know exactly what to do and how much it will cost to bring your home to back-to-new condition.

3 Step Evaluation and Proposal Process

No charge. No obligation.
Phone Consultation
We'll review your photos and discuss how we might address your concerns with your log home.

   Why A Fixed Price?

Evaluating and determining what needs to be done in any repair, restoration or maintenance project for your log home takes time and a level of experience and expertise.

At Log Home Restoration Specialists we have a 3 Step Evaluation and Proposal process that gives you a complete analysis and report of what is needed to fix the issues you have initially identified.

Step 1:  Free Phone Consultation
Getting started is easy.  All we need from you are a few photos and a brief description of the problem areas you have uncovered.  Once we’ve reviewed these we’ll arrange a phone call to go over our preliminary assessment and discuss in more detail your particular situation.

Step 2: No Obligation On Site Evaluation
Having us take a close look at your log home is essential if we are going to be able to accurately assess all that may need to be done.

As a home owner you know your home, but for Log Home Restoration Specialists to provide you with an accurate appraisal and recommendations, we need to learn and see firsthand the issues you’ve identified.  Looking at photos and speaking over the phone is a first step, but does not allow us to identify potential problems that are not immediately visible.

Our expertise and experience allow us to thoroughly review those areas that may require repair or future maintenance.  Doing our on site evaluation will give you the confidence that to whatever extent a problem exists, it will be completely addressed.  

There is a base fee of $350 to conduct the on site evaluation.  There is no obligation to use our services if you so choose, but the on site evaluation fee is credited toward any future work we perform.

Step 3:  Fixed Cost Quote
Once we conduct our on site evaluation, Log Home Restoration Specialists will put together a “not-to-exceed” detailed quote for your review.  In addition we will also provide pricing on a Long Term Maintenance program that will protect your investment in your log home.

Our Goal: Long Term Satisfied Customers

Doing the job right is very important to us.  That’s why we are so thorough in completing our evaluation and proposal involving the repair, restoration and maintenance of your log home.  See what our previous customers have to say at Customer Testimonials.

Give us a call at 765-838-8092 or Contact Us and we’ll be happy to talk about how Log Home Restoration Specialists can address your needs and concerns.

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