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Log Home Restoration Specialists provide professional, courteous and timely fire restoration services that will rebuild and repair your damaged log home to its original condition.  

Dealing with a fire is never easy.  The smallest fire can leave behind residue that is hard to clean and smells that are difficult to eliminate.  Along with repairing areas damaged by fire, there are additional concerns including clean up of soot and ash, and removing odors and stains caused by fire and water.

Work with Insurance Carriers
We will do a thorough examination of the logs and damaged areas and work closely with your insurance company to determine the scope of work and provide accurate estimates for your claim.  

Fire Restoration Services
•    Secure the property, board up windows and doors, cover the
      roof or any other exposed areas.
•    Address water, mold, and smoke damage
•    Replace damaged logs and beams
•    Media blast and clean stained or discolored logs/planks
•    Remove debris
•    Replace doors, windows, trim
•    Repair and replace cabinets, flooring, drywall, plumbing,

Experienced, Thorough

Working with someone experienced in fire restoration of log homes can allay many of your worries.  By engaging a company that knows the many details involved in restoring your log home, you’ll be assured that your insurance claim is handled properly and the end result will be to your satisfaction.

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   Fire Restoration

Peter Rosi, Owner

Professional, courteous and timely fire restoration services.

Log Home Fire Restoration and Repair

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