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In spite of our best efforts, any log home can suffer damage from insects, water penetration, UV rays or neglect.  When properly diagnosed in the early stages steps can be taken to prevent costly repairs. At Log Home Repair Specialists we are experts in the Repair, Restoration and Maintenance of Log and Heavy Timber Homes.  This includes …

Exterior Restoration & Repair
•    Log removal, repair, and facing
•    Cob and soda blasting
•    Staining and stripping
•    Chinking and Caulking
•    Repair air and water leaks
•    Help prevent pest infestations
•    Chimney and masonry repair

Interior Refinishing & Remodeling
•    Refinish, stain, clear coat interior walls
•    Caulk and  seal where needed
•    Replace windows and doors
•    Remodel kitchens and bathrooms

•    Build Additions

Historic Reproduction & Repair of Log & Timber Homes
•    Accurate heavy timber and log reproduction
•    Onsite fabrication of replacement logs
•    Experienced timber jacking, squaring and sill
•    Take into account historical significance of structure  

Long Term Maintenance Programs
•    Individualized maintenance programs to care for
      your log home
•    Includes roofs, gutters, fascia, windows, decks and
•    Avoids expensive repairs due to low maintenance and

Log Home Fire Restoration
•    Offer emergency response
•    Work with insurance company on claim remediation
•    Experienced with multiple insurance companies
•    Perform demolition and reconstruction

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