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Log Home Restoration Specialists

  Our Services

  • Structural, cosmetic log repair
  • Surface Blasting and Stripping
  • Chinking and Sealing
  • Staining and Finishing
  • Help prevent pest infestations
  • Stone and Masonry
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Emergency/Disaster Restoration and Repair
  • Site Condition Analysis, General Contracting

   Log Home Maintenance, Repair and Restoration Services 

Our goal at Log Home Restoration Specialists is to help our clients preserve the value of their rustic family legacy.

Our story begins several years ago when  Peter Rosi, owner of Log Home Restoration Specialists, built his own log home. Click on the button below to see how this experience transformed his life.

Log Home & Log Cabin Repair, Restoration and Maintenance

  Why Call Us?

Experience counts a great deal when restoring or repairing a log home.  When preserving your investment understanding the special challenges of performing log home maintenance, repair and restoration can go a long way in making sure the job is done correctly.

With our only focus being log home maintenance, log home repair and log home restoration, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure each job is done correctly.

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